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HiTnRuN is a musical collective created in 2012 in a central Paris studio, composed of Philippe Ramshakle Deshaies, Ben AKA Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra and Lionel Flairs with the aim of mixing up their musical abilities, quirkiness, off-beat colors, flutes, bass, electronics, guitars, drumming and the wide variety of dodgy composing techniques that make this trio such a fine blend.
Ben studied flute as a child, then guitar. As a young adult he signed with Courtyard UK (management team for Radiohead & Supergrass) on the strength of a demo-tape they’d gotten ahold of. He released three acclaimed albums of pop gems and toured the globe with them. Ben has also produced many albums for diverse artists such as Barbara Carlotti, Joseph Leon, Morning Star, and has been praised for the subtlety of his arrangements, singing, guitar-playing, percussion and writing skills.He is the organic man of HiTnRuN.
Philippe, former drummer for acclaimed indie rock band Welcome to Julian, has toured Europe and the USA. Soon after relocating to NYC he began composing for art exhibitions, television and the underground indie scene. Back in Paris, he continued working on commercials, including Dior, L’Oréal, Citroën, Orange… He’s a whiz on the drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and everything in between. He is the shoe-gazing dandy of HiTnRuN (as well as our CEO).
Lionel AKA Flairs (who happens to be Ben’s brother) spent three adventurous years in West London, then returned to Paris to play in dozens of well-established French bands, including Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra, Hush Puppies, Chateau Marmont, Exotica (with whom he still plays), Alex Gopher, Benjamin Diamond… He began releasing his own LPs in 2003 and they soon went global, thanks to Better Than Prince & Truckers Delight (from his debut album Sweat Symphony), songs which later became acclaimed videos under the direction of Jonas & François (Justice Dance, Madonna 4 Minutes, Kanye West…) and Jeremie Perin (Dye/Fantasy). The videos have reached over 5,000,000 views on YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion. Lionel AKA Flairs also worked with cartoonist and film director Riad Sattouf to create the musical score for Sattouf’s cult feature film Les Beaux Gosses (The French Kissers). He is the electronic man of HiTnRuN.
Its fine blend thus established (and yes, we have all toured with one another in a variety of bands), HiTnRuN settled in the Quartier Montorgueil at the very heart of gay Paris, filled its studio-workshop with old music toys, vintage guitars & amps, old & modern synths, drum machines, pianos and a MCI 500 analog desk to brew up its delicious, non-corporate musical concoctions. Oh, I almost forgot, we have also a very nice espresso machine.  


2009 OST “Les Beaux Gosses” (Riad Sattouf)
2014 OST “Les Combattants” (Thomas Cailley)
2015 OST “La nouvelle vie de Paul Sneijder” (Thomas Vincent)
2016 Additional Music “La danseuse” (Stephanie Di Giusto)
2016 OST “Royaume ” (Fréderic Guelaff)
2017 OST “Crash Test Aglaé ” (Eric Grave)
2017 OST “Belle & Sebastien ” (52 x13” – Lionel François)
2018 OST “les Bracelets Rouges (6×52”- Nicolas Cuche)
2018 OST “Ad Vitam “ (6×52”- Thomas Cailley)
2019 OST “Osmosis” (8×52” – Netflix)
2019 OST “les Bracelets Rouges” SO2 (8×52” – Nicolas Cuche & Christophe Campos)
2019 Additional Music “Ma nudité” (Marina de Van)
2019 OST “Tout le monde ne survivra pas” (Short – Thibault Lang Villar)